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Do you live at a place with much hustle and bustle? You think your city is getting too populated?

Sounds awkward, right? That’s the kind of extra-terrestrial chat on the internet about buying land on the Moon, something US-headquartered Lunar Embassy claims it first initiated.

It’s yet uncertain whether the statement is true or not, the company is selling and registering property on the Moon for the past 29 years. The website lets you know every step and detail regarding your Real Estate Purchase on moon. It also justifies itself that it’s not fraud!!!

It also claims it’s the only company to possess a legal basis and copyright for the sale of lunar and other extra-terrestrial property in the solar system. The organization claims it has over 3,470,072 members.

So, how did Lunar Embassy get the right to own, sell and register land on the Moon? A declaration of ownership was filed with the United Nations as well as the US and Russian governments 29 years ago by Dennis M Hope of the Lunar Embassy to ensure a legal basis for ownership of properties sold on the moon. No country has contested that claim or declaration.

Though the international Moon Treaty, finalized in 1979 and in force since 1984, forbids private ownership of extra-terrestrial real estate, as of January 1, 2008 only 13 states ratified the agreement and more importantly not a single country has legally contested Lunar Embassy’s claims to ownership of Moon land. Thus, anyone who made the first claim before the UN becomes the first owner. Lunar Embassy says it made the first claim and so it is the rightful owner of lunar property.

There’s another fact that Lunar Embassy is banking on. Although the Outer Space Treaty, which came into force in 1967 forbids countries from claiming celestial bodies, there apparently is no provision forbidding private individuals from doing so. In 1996, the company set up its website, the MoonShop, “the first Internet website ever to be selling properties on any extraterrestrial body”.

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