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Ten Sensational Moments


These are ten sensational world moments recorded and uploaded into Youtube. Some of them are astonishing, others are terrifying. Just check it out!

10. Ride That Mega-Tsunami

9. Mythbusters Play with Helium and Sulfur Hexafluoride

8. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 Crashes

7. Route 168 Landslide in Japan

6. The Ghost Car

5. Christian the Lion

4. Challenger Explosion

3. Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma

2. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Hits

1. The Battle at Kruger


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Lady said...
24 July, 2009 14:16  

Puff! Puff! guk! guk! :p

ga bisa liat videonya. dibanned (fiuh!)

Peace :D

Dews said...
24 July, 2009 14:27  


Mungkin nanti bisa diliat dari tempat yang ga dibanned.

Peace juga. :)

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